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The best way to get a precise quote from us in Blackpool is to take measures of the asbestos containing object(s) and take photographs as well of them. Send them over email to or give us a phone call on 0125-333-5773 and our colleagues will provide you an accurate quote. The asbestos removal cost highly depends on the amount of asbestos material and the type of the mineral. Apart of that condition of the fibrous material is one of the biggest aspect of the price of asbestos removal. Choose our Asbestos Removal Blackpool Company where you can find the most affordable asbestos removal solution.

Price of asbestos removal Blackpool

The material of the removable asbestos material can alter the price due to its level of hazard. The more precaution we need to work out the bigger the job will be. And it usually does not matter if it is in Blackpool or a bit further more.

How the condition of asbestos material can affect of the price of asbestos removal? – Any type of asbestos material if become friable expose the danger of asbestos exposure. It means the fibres can become airborne easily therefore it is a direct hazard to anyone who breath in the microscopic spiky asbestos fibres.

Friable asbestos simply means the material can expose asbestos dust in the air just by touching the mentioned elements. They easily crumble. This situation requires licensed contractors due to high risk asbestos exposure. Some cases air testing and monitoring is necessary as well.

Asbestos removal price examples

  • Artex removal cost £8 per square metre
  • Asbestos Garage Roof removal cost £20 per square metre
  • Asbestos Water Tank Removal cost £200 per domestic tank (average size)
  • Single Asbestos garage removal cost 1400£
  • Single Asbestos garage roof removal cost 450£

Asbestos Removal cost depends on the following

The total cost of removing asbestos really depend on the type of asbestos. Eventhough 90% of the case white asbestos is in use. There are some extreme cases when even white asbestos is isn such a form that falls into an extremely dangerous zone. And the reason for that is because it is very friable.

What is friable asbestos?

We talk about friable asbestos when the asbestos material is in such a bad condition so even by touching it start to crumble. While asbestos crumble, microscopic fibres are releasing into the air.

We can talk about friable asbestos without deterioration of the element when it is just in its loose form like sprayed asbestos insulation.

How does thi seffect on the asbestos removal cost? – Simply put, the more dangerous the job the more seriously become. Need licensed contractor, with air monitoring, professional cleaning with Hepa Vacuum cleaner that is able to catch the tiny fibres.

The Size of the Project

This factor kind of self explanatory. The bigger the project the more asbestos has to be removed and taking care of. Plus there is a chance there are more type of asbestos we need to deal with.

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